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Yermo’s My system on the KID (5 Part series)

Yermo’s My system on the KID (5 Part series)

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Yermo’s My system on the KID
Opening: E71: King's Indian Defense

Player(s): Yermolinsky, Piket, Kiewra, Kasimdzhanov, Rajlich, Manion, Treger, Barcenilla, Braunlich, Atoufi, Raptis, Perelshteyn, Braga,

Alex Yermolinsky doesn't usually do openings, but when he does, he does it his own way. Welcome to a five-part new series entirely devoted to an unnamed line (which Yermo modestly calls 'my system') characterized by the moves h2-h3 and Bc1-g5. The system that can become your new weapon against all things Kings Indian. This line being devoid of long lines to memorize makes it an ideal playground to focus on patterns and ideas as shown in Alex's own games.

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