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Searching for a new Russian Schoolboy (2 Part series)

Searching for a new Russian Schoolboy (2 Part series)

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Searching for a new Russian Schoolboy

Opening: D43, D16: Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, Slav Defense: Alapin Variation

Player(s): Khalifman, Bukavshin, Kobalia

GM Yermolinsky continues his quest for a new Russian Schoolboy. Russia, that has been the first country in chess for decades, is struggling. They don't win anymore all the team competitions - China seems to have become leader there - and there is not a Russian player at the moment who would appear to be able to challenge the World Champion. Kramnik, despite still being a very strong player, is getting old, and Karjakin has somehow disappeared from the top list. Following the Russian Higher League, GM Yermo discovered a young player who might raise some hope for a new Russian Schoolboy: Ivan Bukavshin. The 19-year-old Russian GM plays great chess, and Yermo shows us a couple of his games in this episode of his acclaimed show.

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