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Rubinstein Endgames (4 part series)

Rubinstein Endgames (4 part series)

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Rubinstein Endgames

Opening: C49, C01: Four Knights, French
C90, E11 Ruy Lopez, Bogo-Indian Defense
C01, C45, D33, C48 French, Scotch Game, QGD, Four Knights
A40. C33, D30, D18 Queen's pawn, King's Gambit Accepted, QGD, QGD: Slav

Player(s): Janowsky, Rubinstein, Burn, Rubinstein, Spielmann, Fabrikant, Yermolinsky, Salwe, Levenfish, Duras, Tarrasch, Nimzowitch, Alekhine, Reti

Back to the fundamentals, GM Alex Yermolinsky shows us some brillant rook endings played by Akiba Rubinstein in positions where most of us would have agreed to a draw.
Watch the great Akiba sacrifice his king position for the active rook!

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