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Rook Endings at the WWCC (2 part series)

Rook Endings at the WWCC (2 part series)

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Rook Endings at the WWCC

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By screening through games played in recent important events, Alex is going to guide us through the subtleties of endgames, with his unmistakable and unique style. The recently concluded Women Chess World Championship in Sochi, Russia, gave Yermo a lot of material to study, as like he says: 'these girls play amazingly well, all of them know their openings, but what about the endings? I have seen matches finish for a mishandled rook endings.' So, it's rook endings again, to give all of us a chance to learn how to handle this very common ending which, will the infinite possibilities that it brings over the board, is the most fascinating - and arguably the easiest to be handled wrongly - of all endings

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