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Looking back at 2013 (4 part series)

Looking back at 2013 (4 part series)

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Looking back at 2013

Opening: D37, D90: Queen's Gambit Declined, Grunfeld
A40 Queen's Pawn Game
D01, D02 Richter-Veresov Attack, Queen's pawn game

Player(s): Yermolinsky, Bryant, Gareev, Van Wely, Karjakin, Arbakov, Kaidanov, Naiditsch, Harikrishna

With this video, GM Alex Yermolinsky kicks off a new year of his famous and appreciated series.
From 2 games he played in the North American Open, Las Vegas, in 2013, he shows us that 'Every Russian School Boy Should Know that pawn structure is just one of those positional factors and, by far, not the most important one'.

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