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Chess & Friendship (5 part series)

Chess & Friendship (5 part series)

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Chess & Friendship (5 part series)

ECO: C03, E90, E40, B04, A48, E11

Opening: French: Tarrasch, King's Indian: 5.Nf3, Nimzo-Indian: 4.e3, Alekhine's defense: modern, Larsen variation, King's Indian: Torre attack /Bogo-Indian defense, Nimzovich variation

Players: Lukyanov, Yermolinsky, Mezentsev, Atalik, Yermolinsky, Bologan, Atalik, Blehm, Atalik, Yermolinsky, Yermolinsky, Shabalov, Yermolinsly, Khalifman

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