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Winning with Positional Sacrifice by GM Victor Mikhalevski

Winning with Positional Sacrifice by GM Victor Mikhalevski

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Winning with Positional Sacrifice by GM Victor Mikhalevski

Positional sacrifice is a very delicate, yet very powerful technique that mostly advanced chess players perform. Some of the greatest chess minds in history of the game employed the positional sacrifice as the weapon of choice to win tournaments, matches and even World Championship titles.

Number one chess player and the reigning World Champion Magnus Carlsen is no exception. He proves over and over again, against the toughest competition that the positional sacrifice is something that can blow up an otherwise equally looking position and score a crucial win.The amateur players typically DO NOT understand the relative value of chess pieces well enough and prefer to simply keep the material.

To make a “sound” positional sacrifice one must understand that value of the material can be well compensated in the form of:

  • Initiative
  • Centralization
  • Attacking possibilities
  • Pawn structure
  • Space advantage

Often the positional sacrifice comes with an element of surprise. This additional psychological component makes it a very effective weapon in practical chess. In a matter of a single move, the game can take a completely different course and not many players are prepared for that. That’s why the positional sacrifice is a fundamental element of the game that everyone should study to grow as a chess player.

Winning with Positional Sacrifice is a comprehensive video course that will tremendously help you at mastering one of the most powerful weapons of modern chess. This chess DVD is presented by Grandmaster Victor Mikhalevski, a very experienced player and renowned chess coach.

GM Mikhalevski does a fantastic job explaining complicated concepts of positional sacrifice in a way that even an average player will understand and greatly benefit from. We have only selected the most important and relevant examples to make sure that you can learn and use the ideas presented in this course to win your own games!

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