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Unconventional openings (16 part series)

Unconventional openings (16 part series)

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Unconventional openings

Opening: A00, B00: Irregular Opening

Player(s): Lindkvist, Sorenfors, Bloodgood, Roberts, Van Geet, Pirc, Saratov, Andreikin, Van den Berg, Ljubarskij, Ekebjaerg, Quist, Timman, Huebner, Wojtkiewicz, Bronstein, Thierry, Van den Braak

In this series, John Watson looks at a wide variety of unconventional openings, ranging from early flank moves to wild piece sacrifices. Everyone has to face such variations from time to time, and most players are not well-prepared to deal with the challenges they pose. Watson provides you with the ammunition to punish the antipositional or overambitious moves that often characterize irregular play

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