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The Trompowsky Attack Package

The Trompowsky Attack Package

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Keeping your opening repertoire fresh is not just recommended, it's a must. You never want to become a predictable opening player, you want to spring surprises every time you can and keep your rivals guessing.

The Trompowsky Attack with 1. d4 Nf6 2. Bg5 - named after the Brazilian master Octavio Trompowsky (1897 - 1984) is a great choice to maintain the surprise factor in your opening arsenal and use it when you might feel your game is getting predictable. 

In this comprehensive video collection, we have three great authors teaching you all the secrets on how to master this opening. 

To start, IM John Watson is going to guide you with a general approach and positional aspects to this aggressive opening weapon. This section's goal is to gain a solid understanding of the opening play covering the main lines. Watson covers this with 8 videos to create the strong foundation you need to confidently play this opening. 

Next, Ronen Harzi takes you on a comprehensive journey exploring this opening at the highest level, with game analysis from games played by the likes of GM Anand, GM Carlsen, GM Judith Polgar, GM Kramnik and many other of the world's elite players. You'll see how super GM's use this opening attack to win games. 

Finally, Boris Alterman explores the wicked Vaganian Gambit. 3 videos on this double-edged gambit you can spring on your unsuspecting rivals. 

22 videos covering nearly 14 hours of instruction! 

Another gem we've prepared to help you raise your game and rating a strong notch or two!

Check out two videos from the package!


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