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Tactics Crash Course with IM Mat Kolosowski

Tactics Crash Course with IM Mat Kolosowski

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Every club player dreams of having Grandmaster level TACTICS. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to effortlessly identify tactics, find the strongest moves and finish off games in style with a checkmate or huge material gain?

And that’s not all tactics provide.

Whether you’re attacking, defending, fighting in the endgame, exchanging pieces or playing an openingsuperior tactical ability often DECIDES the game!

Tactics are in every move.

Tactical ability is by far the most powerful universal weapon a chess player can possess. It is one of those “super skills” that you apply automatically, after each and every move.

Your tactical ability greatly determines your overall chess level!

Even small improvements in tactics guarantee a boost in your overall chess performance and results. Wouldn’t it make sense to work on something that decides over 99% of your games?

Yes, of course! But, there is a catch…

When it comes to training tactics, most amateur players:

  • Solve tons of irrelevant problems
  • Don’t adjust the difficulty level correctly
  • Waste hours on drills that don’t make them better

As a result, they get frustrated and don’t see any improvements at all.

On the other hand, in pro-level training:

  • Focus on game-specific sequences – Only practicing positions and skills you’ll use over-the-board over and over again
  • Laser-Targeted Patterns – Load up with the most important and relevant tactical patterns
  • High-Intensity Training [x5 your efficiency] – Learn how to train more in 60 minutes than most others can in 5 hours

If you want to follow the pro-level tactical training that produces real results, here is your chance!

IM Mat Kolosowski complied over a decade of tactical experience in a single 4-hour crash course. He arms you with the in-depth understanding of 8 tactical themes for successfully outplaying your competition.

This is a “hands-on” course, meaning that you will actively participate in the training. It includes on-the-spot analysis that is helpful for your pattern recognition and visualization. Mat also reveals tactical training secrets that are used primarily by 2600- and 2700-rated GMs as well as the structured approach for increasing your tactical ability.

Mat’s philosophy is simple: “If you don’t do it in games, don’t do it in training.”

You are about to…

  • Dramatically increase your pattern recognition [and never be afraid of missing another tactics again]
  • Develop speed at cracking the position [be able to find complex tactical solutions when every second count]
  • Make your own luck [modify the position to use tactical motives against your opponent]
  • Break down tough defenders [even in “quiet” looking positions with no obvious tactics]
  • Develop rock solid confidence [when you know tactics is your territory and no one can beat you here]

Unleash your potential and become the chess player you meant to be!


Tactics Crash Course with IM Mat Kolosowski [4 hours]

IM Mat Kolosowski complied over a decade of tactical experience in a single 4-hour Crash Course. He arms you with the in-depth understanding of 8 tactical themes for successfully outplaying your competition.

Complete set of PGNs

Downloadable, complete set of PGNs of everything covered so that you can analyze it at your own pace and convenience. A must have treasure chest for any serious player.

Access to Practicum

Train the important move sequences with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

Brief Summary of the Course [PDF]

The downloadable summary of the key points covered in the course for quick reference and reviewing. Use it as a quick refresher after studying the course or print it and pin it on the wall.

Applying the Theory [33-minutes]

Watch IM Kolosowski outplaying his competition with the Tactical ideas, principles, and plans demonstrated in the course. This extra video will help you see how everything works together!


INTRO Introduction to Tactics
CHAPTER 1 Double Attack
CHAPTER 3 Discovered Attack
CHAPTER 4 Discovered Check
CHAPTER 5 Annihilation of Defense
CHAPTER 6 Deflection
CHAPTER 8 Intermediate Move

About the Author:

IM Mat Kolosowski (FIDE 2451)

Mat Kołosowski is an International Master from Poland. He is a multiple Polish youth championship medalist. In 2010 he took 5th place in European U-18 Championship. During the course of his chess career Mat won many international tournaments. Apart from being a player he is also a chess coach who has experience in working with students from more than 20 countries. So far he helped a few of them in obtaining their own international titles. Mat has also performed live commentary of Polish and European Rapid and Blitz Championships.

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