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Strategy Manual with IM Edward Porper

Strategy Manual with IM Edward Porper

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Renowned Coach IM Edward Porper Reveals…

The Complete Guide to Chess Strategy for Players 1400-2100

If you’ve ever sat at the board and thought “what now?”, this course will fill in the gaps.

Good strategy adds a unifying force to your moves, turning small waves into a tsunami that overwhelms your opponent.

But it’s a problem area for most players.

  • Beginners consider each move on its own merits.
  • Intermediate players play the move that achieves a goal maybe 3 or 4 moves away.
  • Masters think in strategies that last 20 moves or more.

Ready to take the plunge and see the bigger picture?

Well, now there are no excuses. IM Edward Porper has put together his 10-hour Strategy Manual – the complete guide to chess strategy for players 1400-2100.

Over the course of 10 hours, you will learn:

  • Strength Finder: Edward explains how to find the strengths in your position, including assessing the potential power of your pieces and calculating the time factor – 2 of the 4 cornerstones of any winning strategy.
  • Unstoppable Attack Strategies: You’ve outplayed your rival. You’ve built a dominant position. Don’t blow it now! Edward teaches you how to find the perfect attack strategy and convert even equal looking positions.
  • A Plan of Three Parts: There will always be immediate concerns that require your attention – the trick is not to let them take your attention away from your grand scheme. Chapter 12 covers how to make sure your big goals are achieved no matter what.

Strategy is like a magical adventure: you gaze into the future then march towards your dream outcome, turning your pieces into heroes.

Those who don’t work on their strategy, however, end up as forgotten characters in someone else’s story.

It is time to take your strategy to a whole new level!


CHAPTER 1 Play to Your Strength I
CHAPTER 2 Play to Your Strength II
CHAPTER 3 Preparing For a Breakthrough I
CHAPTER 4 Preparing For a Breakthrough II
CHAPTER 5 Taking Risks
CHAPTER 6 Finding Your Strength
CHAPTER 7 Talk to Your Pieces
CHAPTER 8 Every Piece Counts
CHAPTER 9 Talk to Opponent’s Pieces
CHAPTER 10 One For All and All for One
CHAPTER 11 Sounds Like a Plan
CHAPTER 12 Planning in Stages
CHAPTER 13 A One Move Plan I
CHAPTER 14 A One Move Plan II
CHAPTER 15 The Dawn of Planning
CHAPTER 16 Planning in Endgames
CHAPTER 17 How to Find a Strength
CHAPTER 18 Prevent the Opponent from Playing to his Strength
CHAPTER 19 Building a Strength from the Very Beginning
CHAPTER 20 Summary

What’s Included:

Strategy Manual with IM Edward Porper – video course [10 hours 3 minutes]

IM Edward Porper has put together his 10-hour Strategy Manual – the complete guide to chess strategy for players 1400-2100. Learn to read the position, dream the future and march to victory with 10 hours of beautifully explained eternal principles.

Complete Course PGNs

Downloadable, complete game database of everything covered so that you can analyze it at your own pace and convenience. A must-have treasure chest for any serious player.

Access to Practicum

Train the important motifs with a set of specifically designed tasks and challenges. Practical part is an important element of the course.

Video Summary

Video summary of the key points covered in the course for quick reference and reviewing. Use it as a quick refresher after studying the course or skim through it before an important tournament!

About the Author:

IM Edward Porper [FIDE 2492]

Edward Porper is an International Master from Canada. He became an IM in 1991 achieving highest FIDE rating of 2492 as well as 2700 USCF. He is a professional chess player and coach – teaching chess for many years. IM Porper has won multiple national and international chess tournaments during his 30+ year career.

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