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Improve your Positional Chess Skills - by FM Charlie Storey

Improve your Positional Chess Skills - by FM Charlie Storey

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Improve Your Positional Chess Skills!

In this hot new course, FM Charlie Storey focus on how to improve your positional chess skills. But, what are positional skills?

It's not easy when it comes to describing a general chess skill. Still, FM Storey, with his long and proficuous coaching experience, presents you with a video-course that tackles all the aspects of positional chess.

Charlie, with his unmistakable style - witty and at times provocative - guides you through 12 chapters:

1)            Assessing / Evaluation is simply your opinion

2)            Improve your Pieces (including central pawns) from Red to Yellow to Green to Purple

3)            Pawn Structure is overrated unless the activity (color coding) is equal

4)            Never touch a pawn unless it is a central pawn

5)            Never start a 'fair trade of pieces' as it will improve the color of one of your opponent's pieces

6)            Preventing is a last resort. Only when you have an excellent reason. Reduce your opponent's color-coding.

7)            Small range plans with a tempo are far better than small range plans

8)            Changing positional advantages to a different positional advantage

9)            Positional Stereotypes (Precise Calculation is better)

10)          Popular Positional Plans

11)          Combinational Skill is needed to execute your good positional plan

12)         Aiming for an ending with a better position

Join Charlie in this super instructional course!

About the Author

In 1991 FM Charles Storey had a severe allergic reaction, which left him in a serious debilitated and non-communicative state for over 2 years. 

During this time period Charles began devising a training method based on computational thinking and logic to help him improve his chess skills and turn his situation around around.  Over the next several years, Charles refined his theories to help others enhance their chess ability by using computational thinking for the human chess player.

Today, The Super Human Chess Engine has helped create the fastest FIDE improvement of a 10-year-old UK player within three years to reach 2242 FIDE rated.

Here's what you'll find in the Improve Your Positional Chess Skills:

Video Training

  1. Introduction
  2. Improve your Pieces
  3. Pawn structure is Overrated!
  4. Never Touch Wing Pawns!
  5. Never Start a Fair trade
  6. Prophylaxis
  7. Threempo!
  8. Changing Positional Advantage
  9. Stereotipical Positional Advantages
  10. Positional Plans
  11. Combinational Skill
  12. Aiming for an Ending

An interactive training session in ICC's Learning Center based on the course material.

Challenging Puzzles: 60 puzzles for you to practice and sharpen your skills, and 23 annotated games.

FREE BONUS: A full course guide; free download


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