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What is your opponent threatening?

What is your opponent threatening?

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'I have only to words: Game 6!' - Ronen refers to the recently concluded World Championship Match , of course. In game 6, neither of the two incredibly strong opponents saw what the other was threatening over the board. In this interesting episode of his Tactics for Everyone series, Ronen shows us how important it is to understand what your opponent threatens before you make your next move. It might sound like a very simple concept, that every chess player already knows... but it's not exactly as you may think. Watch the video and let Ronen guide you through this important topic.

In this new video series Ronen tackles one of the most important part of the game: Tactics. And he does this from a beginner and intermediate player's perspective: everyone will be able to enjoy, learn and improve watching this new series. All of us have at least once asked ourselves the typical questions: What is tactics in chess? Why is tactics one of the most important piece of knowledge you need to play chess? How to spot tactics in a game? How to take advantage of it? Well, Ronen is here to answer our queries, by guiding us - with many interesting examples - through the basics of chess tactics, such as double-attacks, forks, pins, how to use material to create tactics; to then move on into more complicated topics, such as intermediate moves, double threats, and more. Don't miss this new and formative ICC video series!

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