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Intermediate moves

Intermediate moves

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Many times we find ourselves analyzing a position on the board and thinking, it's draw, I can't find anything that would give me an advantage here. Well, sometimes there is a little and 'hidden' move that can turn the table. It's the famous intermediate move, and in-between move that can make the difference. With the first episode on this important part of tactics GM Ronen introduces us into the almost-magic world of the intermediate moves.

In this new video series Ronen tackles one of the most important part of the game: Tactics. And he does this from a beginner and intermediate player's perspective: everyone will be able to enjoy, learn and improve watching this new series. All of us have at least once asked ourselves the typical questions: What is tactics in chess? Why is tactics one of the most important piece of knowledge you need to play chess? How to spot tactics in a game? How to take advantage of it? Well, Ronen is here to answer our queries, by guiding us - with many interesting examples - through the basics of chess tactics, such as double-attacks, forks, pins, how to use material to create tactics; to then move on into more complicated topics, such as intermediate moves, double threats, and more. Don't miss this new and formative ICC video series!

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