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Remote Chess Academy Beginner Pack

Remote Chess Academy Beginner Pack

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A quick jump package

This package will give you a solid foundation for the future quick progress. Chess will become a much easier game for you to understand.

You will rush through the beginner level quickly, and will beat all your current opponents easily.

Build a Strong Foundation

Please, don’t be deceived by the words “Beginner package”. Many of the modern titled players don’t have this fundamental knowledge. And that’s why they are stuck in their progress.

Any advanced materials will NOT help you without a firm base. Having a deep understanding, however, will ensure your Quick Spurt!

Develop a Strong Chess Opening Skill:

The Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory course will allow you to study the really powerful opening repertoire in a convenient and effective way! The practical part of this course was designed not only for studying, but also specially for your pre-game preparation (during the tournaments). It will make your pre-games preparation quick and extremely powerful. 

Improve your basic Understanding Skills:

Stronger players UNDERSTAND chess better!

With The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding, you will UNDERSTAND how to play REAL chess and HOW to think during a real game! You will also UNDERSTAND chess at a very deep level and make sure you are able to apply this understanding in your games.

 Technical information 

  • This course is only available in downloadable format
  • You will get all the programs, necessary for using of the course. So you will definitely be able to open the course and use it properly.
  • The course works under Windows platform only.
  • You will get the text version of every video lesson also. If you like to read more than watch the video – you can do it easily.


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