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Practical Endgames for Club Players with IM Lilov

Practical Endgames for Club Players with IM Lilov

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Practical Endgames for Club Players with IM Lilov Most

Most chess books and videos are focusing on so-called theoretical endgames.  Those are your typical King vs. Pawn, Rook and Pawn vs. Rook and other endgames.  What’s missing is the practical endgames.

Those are not necessarily the exact replicas of the positions you’ll find in most endgame manuals. Those are the positions club players encounter regularly in their games.  There is hardly any theory because there are just too many possibilities.

How do you learn the practical endgames?

The only way to master those endgames is by learning the patterns. That’s exactly how Grandmasters outplay those lower rated opponents. GMs simply know enough endgame patterns, to play those positions precisely.

The second component is the experience. Of course, you won’t wake up an endgame master overnight. Working on endgames involves time and dedication.

But the good news is… there is a huge shortcut.

Not learning positional fundamentals stagnates your development as a chess player and won’t let you utilize full potential.

In this brand new 6-hour course, IM Valeri Lilov teaches you the 47 most important endgames that anyone from an amateur to Grandmaster must know. Valeri reveals his groundbreaking methodology which allows playing endings precisely and with almost zero memorization. It is based on pattern recognition and general understanding of endgame principles. It is a very powerful weapon, yet simple enough that any club player can quickly grasp it.

Ability to convert endgames is a practical skill, not bare knowledge. That’s why along with the video course you are getting access to the endgame trainer which tremendously helps at gaining necessary experience of playing the most important positions.

After finishing this course and getting sufficient practice, you will be able to convert those endgames even with limited time on the clock and under tournament stress.

We understand that you need FAST RESULTS, and that’s exactly what this package delivers.

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