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Positional Chess Mastery with GM Marian Petrov

Positional Chess Mastery with GM Marian Petrov

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Positional Chess Mastery with GM Marian Petrov

Majority of club players love sharp tactical play and neat opening lines but hate positional chess. Indeed, tactics is beautiful and exciting, while positional chess is… BORING.

That’s only true if you don’t understand positional chess.

Positional understanding is like a Swiss Army knife to a chess player.

It helps you to get ahead of a much better theoretically prepared or tactically proficient opponent.  If you feel STUCK, positional understanding suggests you the right moves. It helps you deal with most opening situations even if you don’t know the theory. It can even show you the right way to finish off the endgame.

Positional understanding is a universal weapon you can use in all stages of the game!

Learning positional chess doesn’t have to be hard, tedious or boring…

In this 7-hour course,  FIDE Trainer and Olympiad Coach GM Marian Petrov covers 15 positional themes every chess player must know.

GM Petrov’s takes a very different perspective on improving your positional understanding. Instead of taking a usual route of learning “moves” and “lines”, he teaches “positions” and “patterns“.

This approach is proven to work for many of GM Petrov’s private students. It gives you a clear understanding of when to attack, defend or go into an endgame. This kind of thinking is the key difference between a 1400 and 2500 rated players.

This course is a pure practical guide covering the ideas, secrets, and strategies that you can directly apply in your next game.

What will this course do for you?

Rules of positional chess will help you make correct decisions, provide you with hints and pointers throughout the game. You will know whether to commit to a certain pawn structure, exchange off your pieces or go into the endgame.

You will feel in control of what’s going on in the game. Things won’t appear random to you. You will know how to change the nature of the position from calm to sharp and vise versa – depending on what’s best for you.

Most importantly your results will become better. You’ll surprise your competition with your ability to foresee the winning sequences with almost zero calculation!

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