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Planning Masterclass with IM Mat Kolosovski

Planning Masterclass with IM Mat Kolosovski

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Planning Masterclass with IM Mat Kolosovski

On a sunny day, late afternoon two chess players were paired up in the round 5 of Chicago Open. They were both, about the same age, skill and rating level. No wonder the game ended in a draw. They both were trained by the same instructors, read similar books and spend about the same time mastering the game. They were both ambitious and dreamed big.

A few years later these men returned to play in the Chicago Open once again.  They were still very much alike. But there was a difference. One played in the under 1600 section. The other one played in the Open and had a title of a Grandmaster.

Have you ever wondered what makes this kind of difference?

It’s NOT that one person wants success more than others, possesses superhuman skills or insanely high IQ.

Not at all.

The core difference lies in the chess understanding and strategic thinking. Correctly planning the game is the KEY element of success. It is one of the most important and difficult skills to possess.

This is also where 95% of club players struggle.

Often, they don’t know what to play and simply trust their gut. By having no concrete objective, they simply push pieces and assume that things would work out… Chess players who base their play on assumptions get disappointed the most.

That’s not the way to go… Especially if you want to win games.

The best approach is to have a planned and a well-calculated victory.

What this course is about?

Planning Masterclass with IM Mat Kolosovski gives you a clear blueprint for achieving a favorable positionand turning it into a win. IM Kolosowski combines two decades of his own experienced with the wisdom of his coaches and some of the strongest players to deliver one of the most complete, and up to date courses on Planning.

The course is broken down into 3 parts and 20 chapters covering the 3 main elements of planning: weaknesses, pieces, and prophylaxis.  IM Kolosowski provides you with a very powerful 3-step system that will help you find targets, do the planning and even significantly limit your opponent’s counter-play!

After finishing the course and practical sections you will be able to easily construct a sound plan and flawlessly follow up winning the game.

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