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Mastering the Sicilian Sveshnikov by Grandmaster Marian Petrov

Mastering the Sicilian Sveshnikov by Grandmaster Marian Petrov

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Master the Sicilian Sveshnikov with Grandmaster Marian Petrov!

GM Evgenij Sveshnikov passed away recently, in August 2021. It is a strange coincidence that we at ICC asked two of our top talents to develop video series on the super-popular variation of the Sicilian defense named after the late grandmaster. On the other hand, it's a humble way to honor the Russian chess genius, whose name and legacy will remain important in the chess world.
In our previous series, GM Misa Pap showed how to fight against the Sveshnikov playing White. In the present video series, GM Marian Petrov explains all the plans for Black, showing the full potential of this amazing variation. The Sveshnikov is considered one of the most popular variations of the Sicilian defense, and it’s used at the top level. Back in the ’70 and ’80, Sveshnikov saw its dynamic potential for Black. Today, it is trendy among grandmasters and amateurs alike.
So don't hesitate to pick this series and stun your opponents with your new knowledge about the Sicilian Sveshnikov!


Video Training
  1. Sidelines - Rossolimo (0:34:07)
  2. White does not play Nbd5 (0:33:21)
  3. Black plays an early e5 (0:35:38)
  4. All White moves but 7.Nb5 - 7.Bg5 (0:32:19)
  5. White plays 7.Nd5 (0:31:13)
  6. Line with Nd5 and Black plays f5 (0:32:42)
  7. Black plays Ne7 (0:31:21)
  8. White plays 9.Nd5 Qa5 (0:35:41)
  9. White plays 9.Nd5 Be7 (0:30:35)
  10. White plays c3 after Bf6 (0:33:19)

Total runtime: 5 hrs 30 mins 16 seconds.

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