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Polgar Chess University Intermediate Bundle.

Polgar Chess University Intermediate Bundle.

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The Polgar Chess University Intermediate Mega Bundle is an incredible collection of 106 lessons (45+ hours!) from one of the most famous chess coaches in the world, Susan Polgar. A former child prodigy herself, Susan Polgar now coaches some of the most promising players in the US and has top 10 player Wesley So as a famous former pupil. The first female player to achieve the full Grandmaster title and sister of the strongest woman player of all-time, Judit Polgar, Susan’s expertise in chess and coaching is beyond doubt. This Mega Bundle includes all of the training programs Susan has produced in the Intermediate tier.

Try a lesson for free: Rook and pawn vs. rook endgames



The Polgar Chess Mega Bundle is a complete training program which will give the serious student a very strong all-round game with no holes in their knowledge. The structure of this course together with Susan’s lucid explanations of each topic will chess improvers achieve their potential quickly.

Lesson 1: In the first part of this lesson, Susan will introduce a number of important opening traps. (0:33:29)
Lesson 2: The first topic of this lecture is Space Advantage, which will be illustrated by a famous win of Kasparov, followed by a game of Susan's (0:31:17)
Lesson 3: The first position in this lesson is an excellent example on how to gain control of an open file and take advantage of it (0:25:23)
Lesson 4: In this first lesson, the power of having your Rooks on the 7th Rank will be discussed, followed by several examples of Pawn Races (0:29:37)
Lesson 5: In this session, Susan demonstrates through a number of practical examples how to exploit Weak Squares in the opponents position (0:32:26)
Lesson 6: This lesson focuses on the strength of the Bishops Pair when they work together in harmony to create a deadly attack (0:27:13)
Lesson 7: In chess strategy, the Pawn structure determines most of our decisions. (0:31:04)
Lesson 8:  Rook and pawn vs. Rook endgames (0:24:12)
Lesson 9: Protected Passed Pawns often guarantee a win in endgames. In the first part of the lesson, that will be the theme (0:26:43)
Lesson 10: The topic of this lesson is the Long Diagonal. You will see how to create a Battery to take advantage of the weak squares (0:27:22)
Lesson 11: Critical moments from the past (0:27:02)
Lesson 12: Simplification Combinations and when to trade (0:22:52)
Lesson 13: Catching the King in the middle. This lessons is about 'catching the King in the middle'. (0:27:41)
Lesson 14: Why time is important in chess (0:27:36)
Lesson 15: The importance of having pieces on protected squares (0:24:12)
Lesson 16: Take advantage of the mistake when your opponent does not castle timely (0:25:07)
Lesson 17: Attack and defense (0:24:36)
Lesson 18: Closed positions and maneuvering (0:29:19)
Lesson 19: Zugzwang (0:27:28)
Lesson 20: Keep your King safe (0:26:53)
Lesson 21: Patchwork checks (0:25:20)
Lesson 22: f2 and f7, the weak pawns (0:24:52)
Lesson 23: The h7 bishop sacrifice (0:27:12)
Lesson 24: g7 pawn, the castle guard (0:25:55)
Lesson 25: Bishop vs 2 pawns (0:30:12)
Lesson 26: Attack and defense (0:26:49)
Lesson 27: Trade and win (0:30:21)
Lesson 28: Open file and pin (0:25:29)
Lesson 29: weakness vs weakness (0:23:36)
Lesson 30: Game Botvinnik vs Kann (0:25:39)
Lesson 31: Theoritical draws (0:24:42)
Lesson 32: Endgames from GM's games (0:26:12)
Lesson 33: Find out the critical moment of a game (0:24:49)
Lesson 34: Attack the fianchettoed Bishop, (featuring Bobby Fisher) (0:25:32)
Lesson 35: Openings and how to elaborate a plan (0:24:46)
Lesson 36: Doubled pawns with examples from Botvinik games (0:24:41)
Lesson 37: Passed pawn and pawn endgames (0:24:08)
Lesson 38: The 7th rank, illustrated by a Capablanca vs Tartakower's game (0:22:16)
Lesson 39: Attack with the Queen (and some help) (0:21:54)
Lesson 40: the 'in-between' moves (0:25:45)
Lesson 41: Some Bobby's games (0:24:46)
Lesson 42: Knight and Bishop endgames, (Bobby Fischer) (0:24:38)
Lesson 43: Common patterns in openings, Sac the Bishop on f7 (0:25:17)
Lesson 44: Let the King join the party ! (0:25:07)
Lesson 45: Stay zen and avoid the loss (0:24:28)
Lesson 46: Opposite side castle, illustrated with a Petrosian's game (0:22:14)
Lesson 47: Intermediate moves and technics (Korchnoi's game) (0:23:10)
Lesson 48: The QGD illustrated by Susan's own game (0:27:14)
Lesson 49: The Importance of pawn structure (0:26:11)
Lesson 50: Backrank weakness (Capablanca game) (0:26:54)
Lesson 51: Forthful variation (0:25:26)
Lesson 52: Importance of pawns (Capablanca vs Blackburn) (0:24:43)
Lesson 53: Tribute to Smyslov (0:24:16)
Lesson 54: Skewers in endgames (0:26:05)
Lesson 55: The check (0:22:51)
Lesson 56: Back rank weaknesses (0:23:28)
Lesson 57: Pawns (0:23:44)
Lesson 58: Blunders (0:23:29)
Lesson 59: Intermediate and defensive moves (0:22:52)
Lesson 60: The intermediate moves (0:25:17)
Lesson 61: Time vs. Material (0:21:30)
Lesson 62: A game by Wilhelm Steinitz (0:23:18)
Lesson 63: Ideas in the King's Indian (0:24:56)
Lesson 64: The Carlsbad theme (0:25:52)
Lesson 65: Good Knight vs. Bad Bishop (0:24:29)
Lesson 66: Analyzing classic games (0:24:25)
Lesson 67: My own experiences (0:25:33)
Lesson 68: Most amazing endgame studies (0:23:59)
Lesson 69: Surprising early Queen moves (0:26:15)
Lesson 70: An old game of mine (0:22:59)
Lesson 71: Castling on the opposite side (0:22:14)
Lesson 72: Attack and Defense (0:26:46)
Lesson 73: Avoiding opening traps (0:25:51)
Lesson 74: Opening ideas and traps in the Queen's Indian Defense (0:23:24)
Lesson 75: 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3. Bc4 Nxe4? (0:23:13)
Lesson 76: Thoughts on how to attack (0:22:02)
Lesson 77: Restrict your opponent's pieces (0:24:04)
Lesson 78: Thoughts on a classic game by Alekhine (0:24:29)
Lesson 79: The open file (0:24:54)
Lesson 80: Initiative vs. material (0:26:15)
Lesson 81: A Ruy Lopez by Alexander Alekhine (0:27:18)
Lesson 82: How to remove a guard (0:24:04)
Lesson 83: Interesting tactical ideas (0:28:11)
Lesson 84: Forks (0:25:37)
Lesson 85: Tactical ideas in endgames (0:24:31)
Lesson 86: Interesting attacking games of Bobby Fischer (0:23:44)
Lesson 87: Critical moments from Fisher's games (0:24:39)
Lesson 88: Attack (0:24:14)
Lesson 89: The trapping of pieces (0:26:19)
Lesson 90: Attacks (0:25:31)
Lesson 91: Examples of blunders (0:23:37)
Lesson 92: Typical ideas in the QGD (0:25:13)
Lesson 93: Unexpected intermediate moves (0:25:14)
Lesson 94: Attack and Counter-Attack (0:27:20)
Lesson 95: Opposite side castling (0:24:59)
Lesson 96: Critical positions from the Spice Spring Invitational tournament (0:27:34)
Lesson 97: Strategy: The Isolated Pawn (0:25:30)
Lesson 98: An interesting tactic and interesting technical endgames (0:24:28)
Lesson 99: Strategy: Rooks on the 7th rank (0:25:35)
Lesson 100: Openings and Opening Traps (0:24:37)
Lesson 101: A famous game: Adams vs. Carlsen (0:26:06)
Lesson 102: Intermediate moves (0:25:23)
Lesson 103: A game of former Women's World Champion Maia Chiburdanidze (0:25:51)
Lesson 104: Paying tribute to Bent Larsen (0:24:38)
Lesson 105: GM Bacrot vs. GM Kempinski (0:24:54)
Lesson 106: Paying attention to the opponent's resources (0:24:33)

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