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Make the Right Decisions in Critical Positions

Make the Right Decisions in Critical Positions

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Make the right decisions in critical positions!

GM Misa Pap, an accomplished chess coach with over 20 years of teaching experience, tackles a subject he sees often when training with his students: their inability to identify critical positions. GM Pap has coached many players  striving to improve their level of play, and they're always well-versed in most of the key aspects of the game: opening play, calculation ability, tactical awareness, endgame technique....yet most have not worked on the skill of identifying critical positions. 

In this series, GM Pap shows you how to spot critical positions in the middlegame, and what are the ingredients that make a position 'critical'.  But that's not all, once you spot a critical position, how you react and how you decide what to do in these positions is also very important. As GM Pap says 'whoever is making better decisions in critical positions will usually win the game'

Join GM Pap on a tour of critical positions, and take a strong leap in what he considers an ignored part of  chess training, and a skill that will undboudetely improve your game and also make you a better positional chess player.


Video Introduction

Video 1: Is it the right moment? - Part 1

Video 2: Is it the right moment? - Part 2

Video 3: Under Pressure! 

Video 4: Attack and Defend

Video 5: Fight for Initiative - Part 1 

Video 6: Fight for Initiative - Part 2

Video 7: Patient Play

Video 8: Queenless endgames 

Video 9: Should I exchange Queens

Video 10: Small advantages

Video 11 - Unclear Position

Video 12 - Complex Play

That's 12 videos in total with over 7 hours of video instruction.

An interactive training session in ICC's Learning Center based on the course material.

Challenging Puzzles: 59 puzzles for you to practice and sharpen your skills, and 28 annotated games.

FREE BONUS #1: A full course guide.

FREE BONUS #2: Comes with one-month of ICC membership!


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