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How to Beat the Sicilian Sveshnikov by GM Misa Pap

How to Beat the Sicilian Sveshnikov by GM Misa Pap

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How to Beat the Sicilian Sveshnikov

The Sveshnikov is trusted by many, and it's notorious for being very solid.
Compared to other Sicilians, Black has a stable position, with his pawn already on e5, and White can very rarely get a direct attack against the black king. But do not fear, as Grandmaster Misa Pap an expert on openings offers you a wide array of ideas you can use to attack this defense. Opening principles, strategic motifs and attacking ideas are all covered to help you get the upper hand.

This video series is ideal for anyone seeking great ideas against one of Black's most solid openings.

Also included are PGNs and puzzles so you can practice what you've learned.


Video Training

  1. Introduction: Sidelines (0:30:43)

  2. The Nd5 variation (0:28:28)

  3. The Nd5 variation - Model Games (0:36:11)

  4. Line 8… Nb8 - Theory (0:35:24)

  5. Line 8… Nb8 – Model Games (0:36:50)

  6. Line with 9.Qa5!? (0:31:07)

  7. Line with 10.Bf6 Bf6 11.c4!? (0:35:26)

  8. Black plays Ne7 (0:32:09)

  9. Black plays 0-0 (0:38:39)

  10. Line with 11.g3 (0:33:17)

  11. Black plays Bg6 (0:28:51)

  12. Line with ...Kh8 (0:30:19)

  13. Line with ...Ra7 (0:30:02)

Total runtime: 7 hrs 07 mins 26 seconds.

FREE BONUS #1: A full course guide; free download and interfactive learning center course

FREE BONUS #2: A PGN with 87 Annotated Games and 65 positions/puzzles to solve

FREE BONUS #3: Comes with one-month of ICC membership!


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