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Roman’s Lab Chess: Mega Pack Collection #1

Roman’s Lab Chess: Mega Pack Collection #1

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Roman’s Lab Chess: Mega Pack 1 of 2 of The Entire Collection of Chess Videos

Roman’s Lab Chess DVD Mega Pack Collection #1 (Volumes 1-58)

1 - Learning Openings the Easy Way - Traps and Novelties
2 - Sacrifices and Tactics that End Games in the Opening
3 - Transition to the Middle Game
4 - Planning and Attacking Based on Superiority of Pieces
5 - Rapid and Complete Opening Repertoire for White Part 1
6 - Rapid and Complete Opening Repertoire for Black
7 - Think and Play like a Grandmaster
8 - Comprehensive Chess Endings 1
9 - Comprehensive Chess Endings 2
10 - Greatest Games of Chess ever Played
11 - Greatest Games of Chess ever Played
12 - New Improvements in Opening Theory
13 - Maximize Your Success against 1.b4 - c4 - d4
14 - Improve your Combinational and Tactical Skills - Part 1
15 - Improve your Combinational and Tactical Skills - Part 1
16 - Learn to play the English The Easy Way
17 - Unbeatable Secret Weapons for Black
18 - Blitz as a tool to better chess and Secrets in Beating your Chess Computer
19 - Understanding and Dominating your chess game with Pawn Structures
20 - Step-by-Step Manoeuvring in Closed Positions
21 - The Kings Indian Defence
22 - The Scotch and Giuoco Piano
23 - Gran Prix
24 - 1.Kings Indian Attack - Scan. Live from Las Vegas National Open
25 - Easy Way to Beat The Pirc Modern Defense
26 - Nimzovitchs My System Part 1
27 - Nimzovitchs My System Part 2
28 - Easy Way to Learn The King's Indian Attack
29 - Mastering the Endgame Series Part 1
30 - Endgames Part 2
31 - Repertoire for Black Accelereated Dragon
32 - Unstoppable Benoni Part2
33 - Mastering the Opening Series - Crushing Lines for White
34 - Nimzo and Bogo Indian
35 - d4 Repertoire
36 - The Art Of Defense Gm 10
37 - Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Vol.1
38 - Encyclopedia of Openings Vol.2
39 - Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Vol 3
40 - Encyclopedia of Chess Openings Vol 4
41 - New ideas in the Scotch (White plays Qh5 against Nd7-Nc5)
42 - New Lines
43 - New Lines and Novelties
44 - New Lines for White against the Sicilian - French - Hippo - Latvian
45 - New Lines for Black in the Accelerated Dragon and King's Indian
46 - Endgame Tactics
47 - Great Endgames
48 - Universal System Against Sicilian
49 - Magnificent Instructional Masterpieces in The King's Indian Defense
50 - Unsound Openings and How to Exploit Them
51 - Building Powerful Attacks by Learning Piece Coordination 1
52 - Finding Tactical Solutions in Overwhelming Positions
53 - Improve Your Ability to Calculate Variations
54 - Capitalizing on Your Opponent's Weaknesses
55 - A Tribute to Bobby Fischer
56 - Reverse Openings
57 - Man vs. Machine 4-4
58 - Common Endgame Mistakes

Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili is a former US and Russian Chess Champion, and coach of the former World Chess Champion and chess legend Garry Kasparov.

This chess DVD collection by GM Roman Dzindzichashvili represents an invaluable guide to learning chess openings, based upon deep understanding rather than shallow memorization.

The Roman’s Lab Chess Series also provides instruction of more general concepts including middlegame strategy, long-term positional understanding, tactical awareness, and endgame mastery.

Viewers are guaranteed to improve their chess ability with the diverse expertise and high-quality production of the Roman’s Lab Chess Series.

This chess series is guaranteed to help the viewer improve by focusing on a variety of topics including deep opening preparation, forcing attacking sequences, dominating chess tactics, deep positional maneuvering, and reinforcing endgame principles.

About the Author: 

Roman’s Lab Chess DVD

Roman Dzindzichashvili is a chess Grandmaster, former US, and Russian Chess Champion. He is also a well-known theoretician and a chess coach.

Among his students are 3-time US Chess Champion GM Gata Kamsky, and GM Eugene Perelshteyn.

Due to his encyclopedic chess knowledge, 30 years of coaching experience and numerous grandmaster pupils, GM Roman Dzindzichashvili charges about $100 for a single hour of chess coaching, which is undoubtedly worth it.

Roman’s chess videos cover the entire spectrum of modern chess theory – from openings to tactical play, strategic mastery, endgames and much more.

You get every single lesson Roman used to coach pupils like Gata Kamsky to 2700 Elo!

Is this product for me?

If you’re ready to learn from a top trainer (with a proven ability to create grandmasters), this chess DVD collection is just right for you.

The Roman’s Lab Collection consists of 117 individual courses (In two MegaPacks) with lessons like:

Positional Mastery:

Learn Karpov’s powerful positional evaluation method which greatly simplifies your thinking process and makes finding accurate moves intuitive and effortless.

Tactical Genius:

Get Roman’s checklist for finding hidden tactics. This checklist replaces lengthy calculation with a rules-based approach, helping you to dominate in tactical positions.

Dominate with Pawn Structures:

Roman explains all the typical pawn structures including the best plans for both sides and where each piece ‘belongs’. You’ll know exactly what to do just from the pawn structure – no need to memorize the opening theory!

How to Use Blitz:

Most club players are actually weakening their chess by playing blitz online. Dzindzi shares his personal practice for using online blitz to test openings, train your tactical eye and stay sharp between tournaments. Many fantastic training secrets waiting in this one!

These courses alone are enough to significantly boost your rating – and there are another 113 titles included in this collection!

Click Here for more information on each individual DVD that is part of the 117 Volume set of the Roman’s Lab Chess DVD Series.

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