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Mastering Pawn Play

Mastering Pawn Play

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When evaluating a chess position, every Grandmaster considers four key factors: King Safety, Material count, Piece activity, and Pawn structure. Most amateurs tend to pay too much attention to piece activity and material, and neglect how critical pawn play and pawn structure is to to assessing positions and deciding on the correct strategy of play.

How many times have you played what you thought was a good game, just to realize you're now facing a lost ending? Many of these endings are lost because players neglect to account for pawn play and resulting pawn structures. But you can stop that now and master the keys of pawn play with this new video series. In it, we cover crucial topics in pawn play such as pawn chains, isolated pawns, doubled pawns, pawn endings and more.
Add a new weapon and dimension to your game with positional pawn play with top instructors like IM John Watson, GM Alex Yermolinsky and NM Dan Heisman.
As a bonus, you'll also receive  amateur game analysis that's quite instructive in highlighting how important pawn play is.

Check out two videos from the package!


IM John Watson

Pawn chains 5 Videos
Doubled Pawns 10 Videos
Isolated Pawns 15 Videos
The Center: 4 Videos
Surrender of the Center: 3 Videos
Strong Points: 3 Videos

NM Dan Heisman

Introduction to pawn play 1 Video 
King and Pawn + ? versus King 1 Video
King and pawn vs. King and Pawn 1 Video
The outside passed pawn 1 Video 

GM Alex Yermolinsky
Pawn endings have no secrets 5 Videos
Instructional games:
Amateur King and pawn game
Double isolated pawns can sometimes be nice
King and pawn endgames can be tricky
King and pawn endgames

Videos in series: 43

Running Time: 23 hours, 7 minutes

Enconding: Mp4, Standard H.264, compatible with all Windows and Apple devices.

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