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Top 10 Openings for White and Black - By IM Valeri Lilov

Top 10 Openings for White and Black - By IM Valeri Lilov

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10 Best Openings

In this new video series, IM Valeri Lilov shares the results of his research and experience to reveal what he believes are the most successful openings for white and for black. The first question IM Lilov answers is: 'What makes an opening successful?'.

Of course, the amount of chess theory, the winning percentage, the number of games played with it, and who usually plays it are important factors to determine the success of an opening.  But the real thing that makes an opening successful for a player is the knowledge of the right bits; the major ideas, in short, the spirit of the opening. Only with such knowledge at hand, can you earn the key to the castle.

Sit back and enjoy while Valeri provides you with an overview of what he considers to be the best openings in chess and why you should learn and play them. In essence, a repertoire for both white and black of the most successful openings in chess.

The series is thought for players from beyond beginner to expert level.


  • Intro to 10 Best Openings (0:10:08)
  • Video 1 - King's Indian Attack (0:30:09)
  • Video 2 - Catalan (0:30:10)
  • Video 3 - English-Botvinnik (0:28:07)
  • Video 4 - Torre Attack (0:25:11)
  • Video 5 - 1.e4 repertoire (0:28:56)
  • Video 6 - Sicilian  (0:30:24)
  • Video 7 - Stonewall (0:20:11)
  • Video 8 - English for Black (0:20:10)
  • Video 9 - Off-beat lines (0:25:50)
  • Video 10 - Opening Structure (0:27:10)
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