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The King's Indian Attack by GM Damian Lemos

The King's Indian Attack by GM Damian Lemos

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The King's Indian Attack by GM Damian Lemos

When you play 1.e4 you’ve got to be ready to face the Sicilian, French, Pirc, Caro-Kann, such, it's normally Black who gets to choose the opening.

But there is a way to play with White and dictate the terms of the game: The King’s Indian Attack! The KIA is basically the King’s Indian Defense reversed, but White’s extra tempo gives you an added edge. 

One of the crucial aspects of the KIA is that you don't need to memorize a lot of variants and theories. In fact, the first 7 moves are always the same, so it’s the perfect opening for players that lack time to study, or want to avoid opening preparation by their opponents.

It's indeed a system that will make you get a much better understanding of the game. We could define the KIA as a way to think about how to set up a chess game.

GM Damian analyzes fantastic games for you, revealing all the nuances and, why not, the tricks that this amazing opening offers to those who can master it.

World Champions such as Michail Botvinnik, Tigran Petrosian, Vassily Smyslov, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Magnus Carlsen have often successfully used the King's Indian Attack in their memorable games.

In this video series, GM Damian Lemos, an expert on the opening, shows you how the 'King's Indian Attack System' can be played against the French Defense, the Sicilian, and the Caro-Kann.

Video 1 - French Structures (Black plays e6)
Video 2 - French Structures (Black plays e6)
Video 3 - KIA flexibility
Video 4 - Alternative French setup
Video 5 - Black's double fianchetto
Video 6 - Introduction to Sicilian Structure (Black player c5)
Video 7 - White plans according to Black's pawn structure
Video 8 - The power of Knight maneuvers
Video 9 - The Immortal KIA Game
Video 10 - Strategy first, Attack comes next
Video 11 - The KIA against the Caro Kann

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