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Top 10 Checkmate Patterns by GrandMaster Miguel Illescas

Top 10 Checkmate Patterns by GrandMaster Miguel Illescas

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Top 10 Checkmate Patterns by GM Miguel Illescas!

'Top 10 Checkmate Patterns' is a superb video series developed by Spanish Grandmaster Miguel Illescas. Miguel developed this series based on years of top level experience as both player and coach, having been part of IBM's Deep Blue Team, and former coach to former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik.

In this series, Miguel covers the most important and recurring checkmate patterns that occur in chess. He employs a very simple and methodical approach that is easy to understand and enjoyable too. Miguel's enthusiasm for the game is contagious.

Don't be fooled by the title, this series has a lot of material and is full of useful insights that will help you improve your game. Miguel offers extensive quizzes with positions from real games, and shows you how these key mating patterns appear more frequently than you might think, not just in casual games, but in top level play from players such as Kasparov, Anand, Carlsen and more.

The series is aimed at players whose rating is in the 1000-2000 range, but every chess player will find the videos useful. 


Video Training

  1. Mates in the Opening (35:50 mins)
  2. Back Rank Mates (23:42 mins)
  3. Back Rank Mate Exercises (24:15 mins)
  4. Lucena Mate (21:04 mins)
  5. Lucena Mate Exercises (28:21 mins)
  6. Rook and Bishop Mates (26:48 mins)
  7. Rook and Bishop Mate Exercises (25:51 mins)
  8. Rook and Knight Mates (36:43 mins)
  9. Rook and Knight Mate Exercises (28:47 mins)
  10. H file Mates (37:09 mins)
  11. H file Mate Exercises (38:45 mins)
  12. Long Diagonal Mates (28:17 mins)
  13. Long Diagonal Mates Exercises (27:59 mins)
  14. Mates with Qh7 (32:34 mins)
  15. Mates with Qh7 Exercises (25:09 mins)
  16. Mates with Qg7 (29:45 mins)
  17. Mates with Qg7 Exercises (29:45 mins)
  18. Chess Festival (38:56 mins)

Total runtime: 9 hrs 06 mins 47 seconds.

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FREE BONUS #2: A PGN with over 100+ positions/games used by Miguel during the course

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