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Heisman's Tactics and Safety Bundle

Heisman's Tactics and Safety Bundle

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National Master Dan Heisman’s Mega Bundle is an incredible collection of hours of material from one of the most instructional chess coaches in the world, NM Dan Heisman. Dan is arguably the most instructional chess coach you’ll ever find. His name is synonymous with excellence in chess coaching and teaching.

This bundle includes some of the highest quality training material Dan Heisman has ever produced, aimed at all levels of play, although especially valuable for the intermediate and club players. 

Tactics and Safety.

In this 15-video series, NM Dan Heisman shows you how to assess a position, answering all the questions that relate to tactics and in particular about thyour own safety, helping you find a clear method to understand whether your planned move is safe or not. Being able to assess a position is one of the most important skills a good chess player needs to master, and by following Dan's advices you'll feel your chess strength and your confidence grow fast!

Bundle details: 7 hours 11 minutes

1. Introduction to Safety and Counting (0:43:41)
2. Is It Safe? (0:30:22)
3. The Seeds of Tactical Destruction (0:38:36)
4. Tempos and Threats (0:29:24)
5. Removal of the Guard (0:23:21)
6. The Loman Series* (0:24:47)
7. When is a King Safe? (0:22:27)
8. The Safety Table (0:28:34)
9. Five Ways to Make A Piece Safe (0:27:53)
10. AWL: Attack it with something Worth Less (0:26:11)
11. Invisible Moves and Sneaky Pins (0:28:46)
12. Finding Combinations in Games and Puzzles (0:25:30)
13. Pattern Recognition is NOT Sufficient (0:30:02)
14. Finding Tactics in Puzzles and Games (0:27:08)
15. Defensive Tactics (0:24:42)

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