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Improve Your Chess: Desperado Errors

Improve Your Chess: Desperado Errors

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Improve Your Chess: Desperado Errors

Opening: C54: Giuoco Pianissimo


White allows one of those 'Bg5 vs Nf6/Be7/Qd8' discoveries with ...Nf6xe4 and both the Bg5 and the Ne4 become desperado pieces. Instead of taking their time in this complicated position, both sides play a little fast (especially White) and make several errors. When the smoke clears Black has a winning endgame. Partway into the endgame Black makes a major, but understandable error, giving White a chance. But White, continuing to play fast, misses his big opportunity and slips into another lost position. Black makes good of his chances but then misses a major tactic to put the game away. White, perhaps sensing that neither side is worthy of continuation, properly resigns

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