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Ronen’s Greatest Hits! - Viktor Korchnoi (3 part series)

Ronen’s Greatest Hits! - Viktor Korchnoi (3 part series)

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Ronen’s Greatest Hits! - Viktor Korchnoi
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Player(s): Viktor Korchnoi

There are many ways people have addressed him: the 'terrible', the strongest player ever not to become world champion, some not-so-nice names, gentleman, and so on so forth. Viktor Korchnoi is for sure one of the most influential and important personalities in the chess world in the last... 60 years or so. He wasn't a chess prodigy and became a well-known GM when he was into his 20's. Nowadays if you're not a GM at 13, you are a nobody; back then it was different. There were no computers, no Fritz or Houdini or Komodo and, more importantly, there weren't like 20 important tournaments a year. To become a Grandmaster in the 50's of the last century was somewhat more difficult. It would be almost impossible to list Korchnoi's long career achievements in a few lines of text, but not mentioning that he was a candidate 10 times, four-time Russian Champion, five-time member of Soviet teams that won the European championship, six-time member of Soviet teams that won the Chess Olympiad, and that in 2006 he won the World Senior Chess Championship, would be unjust. GM Ronen Har-Zvi played the great Viktor in the 90's, and worked with him as his second. This three-video series is Ronen's personal tribute to one of the greatest players of all time.

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