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Ronen Greatest Hits : Reuben Fine

Ronen Greatest Hits : Reuben Fine

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Reuben Fine

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Continuing with the protagonists of the Avro 1938 tournament, today GM Ronen Har-Zvi takes us into the world of one of the greatest players of the last century: Reuben Fine. Fine is another piece of evidence that WWII changed deeply chess history. He could have been a chess world champion if not for the war. Fine was born in 1914 and in the early 30's he was already a worldwide chess star. Ho won all the 7 US Championships he played in (open format back then) and 5 gold medals in three Olympiads. Fine has a plus or even score with all the World Champions he played in his career, which is an incredible achievement. His interests were not only related to chess, though. He was a psychologist, a university professor, and author of many books. Fine was considered as a serious contender for the World Chess Championship, and he was invited to play in the 1948 6-player tournament to determine the new world champions after Alekhine's death in 1946. But fine withdrew, for professional reasons, and actually retired from professional chess at that moment. Don't miss this interesting episode of 'Ronen's Greatest Hits!'.

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