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Ronen Greatest Hits : Max Euwe (3 part series)

Ronen Greatest Hits : Max Euwe (3 part series)

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Max Euwe

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Player(s): Euwe

Dutch Grandmaster Max Euwe, PhD, is probably one of the less famous among Chess World Champions. This despite being a very interesting person, so far away from the mono-maniacs like - to name one - Alexander Alekhine. Euwe had so many interests in life, that we could almost affirm that he was never a chess professional. He was a full-time teacher, a mathematician, a computer expert, even a boxing champion! In the chess world, Euwe was noted for his logical approach and for his deep knowledge of the openings. Euwe was born in 1901. He became world champion in 1935, beating the Russian living chess legend Alexander Alekhine 15.5/14.5. He lost the title two years later, with Alekhine dominating 15.5/9.5. From 1970 to 1978 Euwe was FIDE president. He was an influential president, and acted following high moral standards, somehow ignoring the political side of his office. This led to fights with the Russian chess federation, which thought they had the right to dominate the chess world. Despite the turbulence of his presidency, most assessment of his operate as president show he was respected and regarded as a true gentleman. To mention only one, Korchnoi said that Euwe was the last honorable FIDE president. GM Ronen Har-Zvi, in this 3-video mini-series, helps us know more about this all-important chess giant of the XX century.

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