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PCA 1995: Anand vs. Kasparov (4 part series)

PCA 1995: Anand vs. Kasparov (4 part series)

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PCA 1995: Anand vs. Kasparov

Opening: B85, B85: Sicilian Scheveningen: 6 Be2 a6, lines with or without early Be3
C80 Open Ruy Lopez: Sidelines and 9Nbd2
B78, C78 Sicilian Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, 9Bc4 Bd7 10.0-0-0 Rc8, Ruy Loe: Archangelsk and Möller Defences
B77, B01 Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack, 9.Bc4 sidelines, Scandinavian defence

Player(s): Anand, Kasparov

Ronen presents his fans with a brand new show. In these videos, GM Indiana-Jones will go through historical games, those which have made the history of our beloved Game. Chess history at your fingertips in ICC: historical background, stories, anecdotes, and even gossip!

GM Har-Zvi this week starts a new series, to guide us toward the World Championship Match between Anand And Carlsen that will take place in a couple months. Ronen is going to show us the two contenders' style of play in the next weeks. In this show, we start with the first games of the PCA World Championship Match between Garry Kasparov and Vishy Anand.

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