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Grandmaster Level Middlegame Understanding with IM Lilov

Grandmaster Level Middlegame Understanding with IM Lilov

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Grandmaster Level Middlegame Understanding with IM Lilov

It is not a secret that majority of chess games are decided in the middlegame. Nevertheless, many club players prefer to spend their time on the openings, tactics and endgames completely bypassing such an important element of chess as the middlegame.

And it is understandable.

Middlegame understanding is something that is difficult to improve because there is no easy way to really master the positions without spending a lot of time on it. The majority of chess players don’t know what kinds of positions they should study, and what exactly they need to pay specific attention to. Often times they focus on some arbitrary positions and end up with not-very-impressive results. These are the players that may find themselves stuck at 1200-1900 level and cannot make any further progress.

The purpose of this course is to fix that.

Indeed, a single video course cannot replace spending half a year on studying 2-3 good middlegame books. But, we trust, that at a small fraction of the time you will learn up to 90% of the practical knowledge that you would’ve learned from the books. Most importantly you will be able to apply whatever you have learned straight into your games and start seeing the results much faster.

This course will answer these and many more questions:

  • What to do after the opening?
  • How to play most common middlegame positions?
  • How to get an edge in unclear positions?
  • What are the most typical middlegame plans that GMs use in their games (and you can too!)?
  • How to improve your middlegame understanding?

In this 3-hour long video course, IM Valeri Lilov will teach you the fundamentals of middlegame understanding that every under 2200-rated player should know. IM Lilov will thoroughly go over the most common middlegame positions and will demonstrate the most typical ideas and plans used by strong chess players around the globe.

After studying this Middlegame video course you will gain a lot of practical knowledge that will help you at getting an edge even in the complex looking positions. Paired with the middlegame practicum, this course will dramatically improve your middlegame understanding, which will result in many more over-the-board victories and rating increase.

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