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Grandmaster Level Evaluation of Positions with GM Misa Pap

Grandmaster Level Evaluation of Positions with GM Misa Pap

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Grandmaster Level Evaluation of Positions with GM Misa Pap

Have you ever seen a professional chess player analyzing the game? Sometimes they stop and think for 20-30 minutes or even longer before making an important decision. What’s going on in their head at that time? You’d be probably surprised to know that most of the time is spend on evaluating different positions, selecting and picking the best possible continuation leading to the most favorable game.

As World Champion Magnus Carlsen puts it, the trick is not to calculate the moves, but to correctly and precisely evaluate the position that arises. This is the true art. The more precisely you can evaluate the position the stronger chess player you are. It is that simple!

There are many different resources available on evaluating chess positions. Some chess masters suggest that there are 7 factors that you should always consider when analyzing. Others claim that there are 4, 5, or even 15 of such factors. The topic quickly becomes overwhelming and that’s why almost no amateur players use an algorithm to evaluate positions in practice. They simply look at the position, and trust their “gut feeling”.

The purpose of this course is to fix that.

That’s a good strategy if you are already 2400-2500 rated. If not, then intuition is a very dangerous thing to trust. Most under 2200 rated players can achieve dramatically better results if they evaluate the positions using the same algorithm over and over again.

To help you with mastering the evaluation of positions we have invited GM Misa Pap, who is sharing over two decades of position analysis expertise in this video course.

Here is what’s covered:

  • Exact step-by-step algorithm that GMs use to evaluate the positions
  • Detailed explanation of each and every step of the algorithm
  • Example of positions evaluated using the algorithm
  • Concrete and to the point GM suggestions how and when to use the evaluation algorithm
  • Complex positions analysed
  • Practice problems to reinforce the concepts

These very techniques have helped GM Pap to win many games on the top level of competition. If you are an under 2200 player the few hours spend on understanding ideas presented in this video course will probably be the most valuable time investment you’ve ever spent on chess.

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