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Grandmaster Level Calculation with GM Daniel Gormally

Grandmaster Level Calculation with GM Daniel Gormally

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Grandmaster Level Calculation with GM Daniel Gormally

Calculation is an extremely important skill that can make all the difference between being an amateur and being a master. By simply learning how to calculate just a few moves deeper into the variation you can boost your rating a lot more than by spending years on studying the Openings and Middlegames.

Many amateur players assume that only Grandmasters are capable of calculating deep into the variations. They believe that calculation skill is something inherent and cannot be improved. That’s why most amateurs don’t spend much time learning about the art of calculation. By doing so they are almost playing handicapped chess by never realizing their full calculating potential.

The purpose of this course is to fix that.

In this video the England’s top grandmaster Daniel Gormally, a calculation expert, shares the insider’s secrets of how one should proceed about calculating variations in the most complicated positions that often arise over-the-board. GM Gormally breaks down the entire calculation process into few simple bites that virtually anyone can understand and master.

GM Gormally does a superb job explaining in great detail, backing up with Grandmaster chess examples, how one should proceed about calculating the moves.

This 3+ hours long video course will teach you how to:

  • Calculate moves and variation
  • Find strongest candidate moves
  • Get to the key position you desire
  • Calculate variation few moves deeper
  • Check your variations for mistakes
  • Use your visualization skills

Don’t be fooled into thinking that calculation is all about brute force. Rather see the calculation for what it is, a very useful tool for seeing ideas and understanding the position in greater depth. It is pretty simple, the more you calculate the more secrets of a position will open up to you.

By improving your calculating ability you will avoid many mistakes, will start seeing tactics and positional nuances that you have never realized before. You will simply start winning more games because you can “see” deeper into the position. It’s almost like predicting the future on the board.

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