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Evaluation Mastery with GM Bryan Smith

Evaluation Mastery with GM Bryan Smith

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Evaluation Mastery with GM Bryan Smith

There is nothing worse than playing in the last round game, hoping for a big win, those rating points, perhaps even a championship trophy… and making a devastating mistake that throws off the game because of a single ‘mis-evaluation’.

You play the moves and don’t even know it’s already over. And then, a few moments later you suddenly realize what has happened. It’s dead lost, even though you were winning.

How did that happen?

You picked the wrong line. You are desperate to “rewind” few moves back and correct the mistake. You feel the pain and resign. Those are the things that keep us up at night.

Sounds familiar?

You can’t fix the past. However, you can alter the future and the outcome of many of your games, by working on your evaluation skills.

Evaluation is one of the most crucial aspects of thinking and decision making in chess.

It evolves not just knowing who stands better or worse, if the position is equal, won or lost. Most importantly, it involves breaking down the position into elements and understanding what’s actually going on:

  • What are the stakes?
  • What both players are fighting for?
  • Where is the battle taking place?
  • Which advantages and disadvantages each side has?

That’s how GMs do it. And that’s how you should do it as well.

In this 8-hour course, GM Smith shares a very powerful methodology for evaluation of positions based on 4 groups of imbalances:

  • Material
  • Space
  • Time
  • Harmony

This approach SIMPLIFIES the whole thing and makes finding the right moves a breeze.

This is it.

If someone ever asks you to take on anything MORE complex than that, run in the opposite direction. Because every strong player I have ever come in contact with has thrived when they got serious about keeping it simple!

These very techniques have helped GM Smith and his private students win many games against the toughest competition. The few hours spend on understanding ideas presented in this course will probably be your most valuable investment in chess.

Let’s jump straight in!

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