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Dominating Open Positions with GM Victor Mikhalevski

Dominating Open Positions with GM Victor Mikhalevski

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Dominating Open Positions with GM Victor Mikhalevski

Open positions are perhaps the most common types of positions at chess. Many amateur players prefer open positions to closed ones because they think open positions are easier to understand and to play.

Even though open positions may appear more pleasing, it is very important to understand the general rules of how these positions must be treated. If these rules are neglected, the chances of getting into trouble skyrocket.

That’s exactly why Grandmasters don’t mind playing open positions against the amateurs. Grandmasters know the general concepts and simple algorithms that pretty much win open positions on an auto-pilot. Simple, elegant, and easy wins. If you look at chess statistics, most of the decisive games occur in open/semi-open positions.

What does that mean for you?

That means it is very important to know how to play the open positions, otherwise you are risking getting the odds not in your favor. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen.

A good understanding of the open positions allows to:

  • Rapidly brainstorm for plans and ideas leading to a powerful attack
  • Instantly understand where and how your pieces should be positioned to be most effective
  • Implement safety measures which reduce the possibility of becoming “on the defending side”
  • Evaluate the opponent’s position for weaknesses
  • Obtain an initiative and turn it into a clear win

It sounds like a lot of things and it really is. Learning how to play the open positions on your own is a bumpy road. Our goal is to make the learning process as simple and straightforward as possible. That’s why we have invited the world-class specialist GM Victor Mikhalevski to teach you secrets of winning in the open positions.

In this 3 hour video course GM Mikhalevski will show you how the most elite chess players think and play in open positions. GM Mikhalevski will share his expertise by analyzing the games of world’s best players such as Magnus Carlsen, Baadur Jobava, Ian Nepomniachtchi, etc.

After carefully studying this video course and going through the exercises, your understanding of open positions will greatly increase. That, in turn, will convert into a healthy gain of rating points.

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