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Dominate with Queen’s Indian Defense with GM Werle

Dominate with Queen’s Indian Defense with GM Werle

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Dominate with Queen’s Indian Defense with GM Werle

The Queen’s Indian Defense is a very powerful weapon for those who think that a draw against 1.d4 is not enough. Many world champions employed this opening with great success. Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and recently Magnus Carlsen achieved many brilliant victories with a help of the Queen’s Indian.

Many club level players STRUGGLE to find the right plan for black in the queen’s pawn game. That results in badly placed pieces, passive positions, and ultimately lost games.

Club players often get disoriented and confused in these positions, which leads to devastating results. If you are havingtrouble equalizing and obtaining an upper hand in queen’s pawn game with black pieces, the Queen’s Indian Defense maybe a perfect choice for you!

The Queen’s Indian Defense is one of the most dependable and at the same time versatile openings that can be played against 1.d4. Black adopts the hypermodern approach, temporarily giving up the center and making full use of the long diagonal by controlling the key squares with pieces. This opening leads to many complex positions with a clear and straight forward plan for black.

All you need is to know how to use those valuable resources:

  • Most important QID ideas explained
  • Clear winning plans are given
  • Effective strategy for both sides covered
  • Correct piece placement and common maneuvers are demonstrated
  • Grandmaster advice of what lines you should play and which line you should avoid
  • Complete weapon against 1.d4 lines

In this three and a half hour long video course, Queen’s Indian expert GM Jan Werle reveals his secrets and offers opening repertoire for Black based on the Queen’s Indian Defense. GM Werle answers many very important questions that puzzle most club players. He provides a clear-cut plan and gives suggestions about which lines should be played and which should be avoided at all costs.

This video course is designed with improving chess players in mind.  After working through the material, you will understand the key plans, ideas, formations and maneuvers necessary to successfully face the 1.d4 with Queen’s Indian. These carefully prepared lines and variations will save you a huge amount of preparation time and you will become a step closer to becoming a champion!

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