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Develop Your Counter-Intuitive Thinking by GM Davorin Kuljasevic

Develop Your Counter-Intuitive Thinking by GM Davorin Kuljasevic

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Develop Your Counter-Intuitive Thinking!

In this new series, GM Davorin Kuljasevic takes a creative new approach to game improvement. Counter-intuitive thinking! A topic mostly ignored, Davorin tackles it head-on to show you just how important it is to maintain a flexible mindset, and when to bend or break rules. Davorin's previous videos: Closed Positions and how to improve one's Calculation had great success, but were based on the 'canonic' way of thinking. But here GM Kuljasevic will look at the exceptions to the rules. He is going to show you solutions to problems that are not standard, teaching you how to think outside of the box. While it may sound strange to go against the rules, counter-intuitive thinking is a powerful weapon when the situation requires going against common sense. This specific area of chess has not been explored enough, and Davorin offers us a novel way to look at the board!

In the course, GM Kuljasevic covers many areas: opening, middle game, positional and tactical play, endgame, and in general, all those situations where a non-standard and counter-intuitive approach can lead to making the 'best' move. 


Video Training

Video 1: Counter Intuitive thinking in the Opening

Video 2: Conditioned Reflex

Video 3: Unusual piece manouvers

Video 4: Fearless King

Video 5: Counter-intuitive piece exchanges 

Video 6: Counter-intuitive tactical decisions

Video 7: Counter-intuitive decisions regarding pawn structures

Video 8: Violating positional principles

Video 9: Counter-intuitive decisions in endgames

That's 9 videos in total with just over 5 hours of video instruction.

An interactive training session in ICC's Learning Center based on the course material.

Challenging Puzzles: 80 puzzles for you to practice and sharpen your skills.

FREE BONUS: A full course guide, CLICK HERE.


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