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Attack with LarryC : The Good, The Dubious and The Ugly

Attack with LarryC : The Good, The Dubious and The Ugly

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The Good, The Dubious and The Ugly

Opening: E94, B27, B90: King's Indian, Sicilian, Sicilian Najdorf

Player(s): Lenic, Berg, Blomqvist, Jones, Morozevich, Gargatagli

This show is sort of a tribute to the great Italian filmmaker Sergio Leone, inventor of the Spaghetti Western. Larry shows us three games: the first one [the Ugly] is a totally crazy game, played at the Barcelona International Master by Gargatagli and Morozevich. Morozevich seems to just not care about his pieces, and keeps sacrificing like there were no tomorrow. His game is objectively lost. However, with the help of his bamboozled opponent and a big dose of talent, Sasha will come out victorious. The second game is of difficult interpretation [the Dubious]: missed opportunities characterize the play between Lenic and Berg, played at the European Team Championship. Finally, [the Good]: GM Gawain Jones plays a stunning game against Blomqvist, again at the European Team Championship, with a rare-to-see double rook sac, to centralize all his pieces and unleash an effective and elegant attack. Another enjoyable and instructive episode of 'Attack with LarryC!'.

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