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Attack with LarryC : The Caro Canned and a Rare Gelfand Goof

Attack with LarryC : The Caro Canned and a Rare Gelfand Goof

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The Caro Canned and a Rare Gelfand Goof

Opening: E46: Nimzo-Indian

Player(s): Krupenski, Gelfand

Mixing up old pearls and recent impressive attacking games, today GM Larry Christiansen shows us three games. The first game is from 1972, and it's a very good example of attacking prowess and missed defense opportunities. The second game, form the recently concluded Keres Memorial, is a rare case of a super GM experiencing a moment of chess blindness. Boris Gelfand, the fantastic positional player we all know, was playing a good attacking game against a much lower rated player, going into an ending that would have allowed him to use his squeezing style to take the point home. But unfortunately for the strong Israeli GM, he totally missed an easy (for his level) tactical shot, and had to resign a few moves later. Such things happen to the best players too! The third game is a nice attacking effort by Italian IM Luca Shytaj, at the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival. The IM went for a 'classical' long-term sac, to develop a serious attack on the enemy's Kingside. Another formative and entertaining episode of 'Attack with LarryC!'.

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