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Attack with LarryC : Team Action and Socko’s Sacs!

Attack with LarryC : Team Action and Socko’s Sacs!

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Team Action and Socko’s Sacs!

Opening: C53: Giuoco Piano

Player(s): Socko, Brunello

It is Team Play season, with a lot of important events recently concluded or still going on: the uber-strong Bundesliga, the World Team Championship, the Italian Team Championship, the Russian Team Championship. Most of the top dogs participate in these team events, and there are a lot of nice games from which picking up some attacking gems. This week Larry found three little games to delight our fine palate. Two are from the Italian Team championship (this year GM Hikaru Nakamura participated in the event), and one from the Bundesliga. The first combo is really a pearl: Mark Quinn, an IM from Ireland, finds an unexpected and decisive move to beat Italian GM Daniele Vocaturo. The brilliant move is... Quinn c8! The other two games Larry shows us have as protagonist the Polish GM Bartosz Socko, who played in both the Bundesliga and the Italian Team. In these two games, Socko finds the right way to attack ruthlessly, and destroy his opponent. Enjoy!

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