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LarryC’s Tactic Handbook - Episode 4

LarryC’s Tactic Handbook - Episode 4

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LarryC’s Tactic Handbook - Episode 4

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In this fourth episode of his new series, GM Larry Christiansen recaps what he's been teaching us in the first three videos. With several brilliant examples, out tactician master shows us how to apply all the principles that make the attack strong and powerful: centralization of the pieces, attack on f7/f2, rook lifts, attacking strategy and, above all, pattern recognition. Recognizing the exact moment when unleashing the attack is one of the most important things to know for a tactical player. Following this course, which is aimed at players whose ratings is 1400-1500 up to 2000, will provide you with new knowledge and idea to develop into a barricade stormer!

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