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LarryC’s Tactic Handbook - Episode 1

LarryC’s Tactic Handbook - Episode 1

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LarryC’s Tactic Handbook - Episode 1

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Today GM Larry Christiansen starts his new Tactic Handbook. In this new series of instructional videos, Larry guides us through the most important concepts and ideas about tactic in chess: how to attack the enemy king, recognizable attacking patterns, rook lifts, pins, sacrifices, and all the needed knowledge to become a fearless barricade stormer! In this first episode, GM Christiansen uses examples taken games played in different eras of our game, to show the ideas that lie behind an attacking plan and how they get more and more complicated in modern times. Don't miss the new series presented to you by one of the most important and amazing analysts out there. It will help you improve your 'tactic sense', a 'feature' that every chess player has to master and cultivate to become a successful and brilliant attacker. The series is aimed at players whose rating ranges from 1400 to 2000, but any chess lover can enjoy and learn from these videos.

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