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Attack with LarryC : Some Sparkling Caruana Carats

Attack with LarryC : Some Sparkling Caruana Carats

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Some Sparkling Caruana Carats

Opening: D76: Neo-Grunfeld

Player(s): Caruana, Leitao, Elsness

Many think he's the most direct threat to Numer Uno Magnus Carlsen, and he's for sure the hottest chess player on the planet at the moment. The'Fab' from Brooklin is playing amazing chess, with his direct and apparently uncomplicated way to destroy his opponents. GM Larry Christiansen continues his review of early gems from Fabiano Caruana; this week Larry shows us two games from the Olympiad (2008 and 2012). Fabiano his in his early 20's, so we don't need to go back in time too far to find 'early' Sparkling Carats!

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