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Attack with LarryC : Rook lift + Bartel’s Advances

Attack with LarryC : Rook lift + Bartel’s Advances

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Rook lift + Bartel’s Advances

Opening: B12: Caro-Kann defense

Player(s): Harikrishna, Chirila, Bartel, Laznicka

In this show GM Larry Christiansen bring us a pearl game played by Indian GM Pentala Harikrishna athe Gibraltar tournament this year. After this spendid but relatively simple cobination, Larry goes on to show us a very complicated game, recently played in the Bundesliga by Bartel and Chirila. A game in which most of the attacking motifs are present: rook lift, queen centralization, pins. A rare example of coordination of the pieces over the board, which almost always leads to victory.

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