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Attack with LarryC : R.I.P. Emory Tate

Attack with LarryC : R.I.P. Emory Tate

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R.I.P. Emory Tate

Opening: B89, B86: Sicilian - Velimirovic attack, Sicilian - Fischer-Sozin attack

Player(s): Tate, Serper, Yudasin

International Master Emory Tate passed away suddenly on October the 17th, collapsing at the board, while playing a tournament game near San Jose, California. Only a few days before, Tate was kibitzing in ICC, for the joy of his many fans. He was an iconic figure in ICC, where people would always say 'Tate would win this', 'Tate would crush this or that player'. We admins had to stop this more than once, because all that you could see in the kibitz console was Tate, Tate, Tate! Emory was an amazing character, a show-man, as Larry says in this tribute he decided to pay to the late IM. In the introduction to the show Larry tells us how he met Tate at a tournament in the last '80's; when Tate saw Larry pass by and told him: 'Larry, come here, let me show you what an amazing game I just played!'. Larry sat down, a bit skeptical, only to soon realize that one good move after the other were being shown to him, with Emory explaining all the subtleties and hidden tricks in the various positions. Tate was a great tactician, with an indomitable spirit at the chessboard. ICC is making this video free for everyone to watch, as a small tribute to the memory of this American chess hero. The Chess World is a bit poorer, quieter and sadder without Emory Tate storming around.

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