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Attack with LarryC: Recent Fine Attacking Chess

Attack with LarryC: Recent Fine Attacking Chess

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Attack with LarryC: Recent Fine Attacking Chess

Opening: B96: Sicilian: Najdorf

Player(s): Wei, Hai Dao

In the last weeks the Norway Chess Tournament - won for the first time by Magnus Carlsen - the US Championships and the fascinating comeback of legendary Garry Kasparov in the Ultimate Blitz, have stolen the attention of the chess aficionados all over the world. But there are a lot of interesting events that, even without all the media attention, regularly provide amazing attacking games. Our tactician GM Larry Christiansen today shows us three recently played games. The first game is from the Bundesliga; out of a Ruy Lopez white has got some pressure going on. An exchange sac characterizes this powerful combo played by Francisco Vallejo Pons. The second game is from the ongoing Hasselbacken Opening, being held in Stockholm, Sweden. The legendary attacking master Alexey Shirov was able to plant a nasty pawn in h6, with the black king stuck in a corner on h8, and that is the main motif to drive all the middle game, which Alexey managed to win in a rather brilliant way. The last game features the Chinese wunderkind Wei Yi, in the Asian Team Cup. It is not a difficul game to understand, but it shows all the amazing talent of the 16-year old Chinese Grandmaster

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