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Attack with LarryC : Recent Anarchy on the Chessboard!

Attack with LarryC : Recent Anarchy on the Chessboard!

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Recent Anarchy on the Chessboard!

Opening: A09, A01: Reti Opening, Nimzovich-Larsen Attack

Player(s): Adly, Rapport, Yangyi Yu, Shoker

A light-hearted show today by our resident tactician GM Larry Christiansen. Anarchy on the Chessboard: how to handle crazy complications; keep your head above water without drowning in the ocean of variations; stay focused in the middle of unexpected combinations... Larry shows us two remarkable games, both from the recently concluded World Team Championship. The first game is between Hungarian GM Richard Rapport - notoruious for his eccentric play, almost a la par with GM Jobava of Georgia - and Egyptian GM Ahmed Adly. A crazy opening, with 1.b3 a5, 2.e4 a4, 3.b4 and then, in Larry's words 'unfortunately now Adly plays e6, a solid move!' The second game is a crazy battle between Samy Shoker of Egypt and the young Chinese raising star Yangyi Yu.

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